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Manley Chevrolet Small Block Tour Lite® I-Beam Connecting Rod Set – 6.000 in. Length

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Manley Connecting Rod, ROD-SBC HJ 6.000 TOUR.

Manley’s Pro Series I-Beam Connecting Rods represent the epitome of precision, performance, and quality. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail and a finely tuned manufacturing process, these rods are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Elevate your engine’s capabilities and achieve outstanding results with these exceptional connecting rods.

  • Experience the pinnacle of connecting rod technology with our Pro Series rods, designed for ultimate performance.
  • Superior Materials: These rods are available in two exceptional materials: forged 4340 or 300M vacuum degassed steel alloys, engineered for unparalleled performance and durability.
  • NHRA Legal Certification: Certain SKUs within the Pro Series I-Beam range have earned “NHRA Legal” certification, ensuring compliance with NHRA legality standards for Stock and Super Stock racing categories.
  • Versatile Weight Options: Our Pro Series I-Beam connecting rods offer multiple weights tailored to specific markets, including Tour Lites®, Lightweights, Standard Weights, and Heavy Weights, aligning perfectly with your engine’s needs and performance objectives.
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Product Market


Average Gram Weight

540 GR

Big End Bore

2.008 IN

Center To Center Length

6.000 IN

Journal Size

1.8885 IN


.300 longer

Pin End Bore

0.9281 IN

Wrist Pin Diameter

0.927 IN

Additional Info

1.8500 IN Journal Size with CB1664 Bearing, 2.015 IN Big End Bore with CB1663 Bearing

Connecting Rod Series

Pro Series I-Beam

Connecting Rod Sub-Series

Tour Lite®

Product Type

Engine Connecting Rod Set

Rod Bolt Material

ARP 8740

Connecting Rod Type


Pin End Width

1.000 IN

Connecting Rod Material


Engine Detail – Web

Small Block

Instructions: Enter a value in the un-shaded boxes below as they pertain to your engine.
Note: For pistons BELOW the block @ TDC – value in box must be a POSITIVE number (.000)
Note: For pistons ABOVE the block @ TDC – value in box must be a NEGATIVE number (-.000)
Note: For a DISH piston – value in box must be a POSITIVE number (0.0)
Note: For a DOME piston – value in box must be a NEGATIVE number (-0.0)
Note: Manipulate the DOME/DISH & PISTON to DECK volumes to get the ratio you want.
Enter the number of cylinders of your engine
Finished bore of your engine
Stroke of your engines crankshaft
Rod Length
Ctr. to Ctr. length of your connecting rods
Gasket Bore
Head Gasket bore diameter
Comp. Gasket
Compressed Head Gasket thickness
Block Deck Height
Center of main bearing bore to top of block
Top Ring Down
Top of 1st ring to top of pistons(FLAT)
Chamber Volume
Cylinder Head chamber volume in CC’s
Dome/Dish Volume
DOME (-) or DISH (+) vol. (theoretical) in CC’s
Piston to Deck
Top of BLOCK to top of piston (FLAT) @ TDC
Click “Calculate” for dimension results.
Total Volume
Cylinder Volume
Total cylinder volume in CC’s =
Clearance Volume
All effective vol. above block deck @ TDC in CC’s =
Gasket Volume
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Top Ring Volume
Total volume above the top ring @ TDC in CC’s =
Deck Volume
Volume of area above the pistons @ TDC in CC’s =
Piston Top Land
Piston top land diameter for volume calculations =
1/2 Stroke
1/2 stroke of your engine’s crankshaft in inches =
Compression Ht.
Ctr. of piston pin to top of piston (FLAT) in inches =
Cubic Inches
Cubic inch displacement of your engine =
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